How We Donate

We started Together Bar with the mission of raising awareness and funds for community mental health programs. It's not an afterthought that gives us a few PR points, it is at the core of our company. 
Here's. how the donations work:  
For In-Store Purchases
When you buy bars at retail in Richmond, you'll see our boxes show which local charity will benefit. 
Currently, we have identified two charities that align with our mission of preventing/treating trauma and providing equitable access to care. 
For our retail partners outside of Richmond, we work with them to identify programs in their community that align with our mission, or direct them to our Richmond-area programs.
Since we're still a small business, we'll make our donations from retail bar sales to these charities at the end of the year in a single lump sum. We'll share our progress in December. 
For Online Purchases
Since our customers are from all over the U.S., during checkout, customers have the ability to select one of our featured charities, or search for a qualified charity in their community to receive the donation. 
Online donations are instantaneous (not funneled through Together Bar) and are made, with transaction fees waived, with help from our online donation partner: 
These donations are immediately held and then direct deposited to the individual charity, into their PayPal account. 100% of the donated amount goes to the charity.