How We Donate

We started Together Bar with the mission of raising awareness and funds for community mental health programs. It's not an afterthought that gives us a few PR points, it is at the core of our company. 

We want the fundraising part of our business to be as exciting and inclusive as possible for our customers, because, after all, we're doing this together. 

So, we have made the way we raise funds:

We don't want to be a company that says we donate a portion of our sales, but we don't let our customers understand how much we donate. That's why, for every purchase, we show our customers exactly how much is donated at checkout (the profit from 1 of the bars from each pack), and as soon as the customer makes the purchase, that donation is automatically sent.   

We also want to make sure you get to support the mental health organizations you like. We have 4 featured local mental health charities for your to choose from at checkout, but if you'd rather donate to another mental health charity, you can search in the search field and find what community mental health organization you want to support.


We're going to be updating customers on our progress as well go. First, we'll start posting total donations on our website. Then, we'll follow up with periodic reports directly to customers via our newsletter to highlight our successes, and showcase some of our partners.


We hope this approach gives you a better feeling for how our company is making a difference, and we can't do any of this without you. Thank you!