Employer Give & Match Program

You work for an awesome company. You're all working hard, and you're getting through a difficult period. There's no better time to lift one another up, and help lift up those less fortunate in the community by running a mental health fundraiser with Together Bar. It's easy and fulfilling...and it tastes great!

Here's how it works: 

Your employer gives each of their employees the gift of Together Bar. A box of 6 bars will arrive on everyone's doorstep, with a note thanking them for their hard work and reminding them how important it is to do the little things to support a mental healthy lifestyle. And, in the spirit of mental health, they announce that they'll be making a donation to a local mental health organization, helping those in need gain access to mental health support, and helping raise awareness about mental health. 
Your employer increases their donation by matching any purchase you make that month. For every additional online purchase of Together Bars that employees make during the month, your employer will match it - increasing their donation to that mental health organization. We'll give you all a company-specific promo code to use at checkout to track your success. 
We announce the total amount fundraised together. At the end of the month, we will add the donations from Together Bar and the additional match from your employer, and we'll share with as many people as possible how we've helped the Richmond mental health community -- and we all made it happen together.

How Good Is Your Company?