The Story Behind Together Bar

alone \ ə-ˈlōn \ adj.  separated from others; isolated     antonym: together

In 2010, our founder, a former collegiate athlete and military veteran, was working at a Richmond-area marketing firm when he began having trouble managing untreated post-traumatic stress. He knew he needed help, but asking for help was a big step. It wasn't the cost of therapy that held him back (he was one of the lucky ones with access to quality mental health care) - what held him back was the associated stigma. Eventually, with the help of his wife and family, he walked into a therapy office and began his journey.

    Fast forward several years of intense therapy, he was back on track. Traveling often for work and exercising regularly, he was looking for a better tasting energy bar. Specifically, something organic, made with quality plant protein, and loaded with omega-3s and antioxidants; whole foods only, no powdered extracts or "natural flavors."

    He couldn't find what he needed.

    Through research, input from a nutritional psychologist, and trial and error over several months, he created his own. And...eventually...they were good; so good that many coworkers and friends said they were the best bars they'd ever tasted.

    He had an idea.

    What if they could be used to do some good for trauma recovery and mental health awareness?

    The pandemic happened just as Together Bar was starting, but we're back, and we're even more convinced that our mission is absolutely necessary.

    So that's where we are. We want to make these popular, so eventually, we can have a real impact. Want to help? 

    We'd love for your to join us, either by purchasing bars or convincing your employer to order bars for the office at wholesale prices, and raise funds every time you guys open a pack! 

    If you're a retailer, sign up for our wholesale portal and order bars easily with the touch of a button..or two!

    It's a simple way to tell one another we're all in this together.