About Us

Together Bar is founded by Chris Carlton, a Richmond resident, entrepreneur, veteran, and mental health advocate. He is the author of Nice To Meet Me, and among other roles, the former marketing director for 1in6.org, where he and his team developed the campaign, 1BlueString, which is still thriving as a global awareness campaign. 
After being diagnosed with PTSD in 2010, he spent years in therapy working on managing the trauma. Two things became clear in the years to follow. First, therapy is expensive, and many quality therapists don't take insurance. Second, the foods you eat play a role in how you feel. It wasn't until he changed his diet that he started to take significant strides. 
Chris, having found the types of foods that made him feel good, and looking for something to bring with him when he traveled for work, developed Together Bar using ingredients that were part of that approach. The bars tasted fantastic....and eventually, other people sampled them and remarked how incredible they tasted. 
So, he decided to take the bars to a local farmers market. Originally, the bars were marketed as containing "Anxiety and Mood Superfoods," but after having enough conversations with customers, he realized that some people expected the bars to solve their mental health challenges, which wasn't the case. While they were made from quality ingredients, they weren't going to be a magic mental health solution. So, he removed all of the superfood language, and now they're positioned as a delicious bar, made fresh, with high quality ingredients - and the bars have a purpose...
The mission of Together Bar is to use the bars to raise funds for community wellness programs that improve access to education and care. Obviously we won't be able to raise much at first through the sale of the bars, so we plan to partner with other organizations to help us raise more, together. We'll start in Richmond, VA at first, and we hope to grow. If you're interested in being a partner, making a pledge to donate to the charities we have in mind for each bar we sell, please reach out, we'd love to talk. info@wearetogetherbar.com. 
Let's make the world feel a little less alone, together.