About Us

Together Bar is founded by Chris Carlton, a Richmond resident, entrepreneur, veteran, and mental health advocate. He is the author of Nice To Meet Me, and among other roles, the former marketing director for 1in6.org, where he and his team developed the campaign, 1BlueString, which is still thriving as a global mental health awareness campaign. 
For years, Chris has been using a toolkit to maintain his own mental health after being diagnosed with PTSD in 2010. Therapy is one tool. Exercise and diet are two more. He started making mental health smoothies filled with spinach, blueberries, strawberries, nuts, and seeds. These are still part of his diet, but he wanted something more to bring with him to work and during times of travel. Over time and with a lot of research and input, he developed mental-health-friendly bars to provide the perfect convenient snack, almost a daily mental health "check-in" on the go.
Now, the goal is to share these bars with as many people as possible, and donate as much as possible back to local mental health support programs that improve education/awareness and access to care. 
So, here we are. We're making our daily nutrition bars that are mindfully good, and we're looking for advocates, supporters, customers, advisors, partners, and friends.

Give us a shout, we'd love to hear form you. Let's make the world feel a little less alone, Together.