About Us

Together Bar is founded by Chris Carlton, a Richmond resident, entrepreneur, veteran, and mental health advocate. He is the author of Nice To Meet Me, and among other roles, the former marketing director for 1in6.org, where he and his team developed the campaign, 1BlueString, which is still thriving as a global mental health awareness campaign.
For years, Chris has been using a toolkit to maintain his own mental health. Therapy is one tool. Exercise and diet are two more. He started making mental health smoothies to kick off the day, filled with spinach, blueberries, strawberries, nuts, and seeds. These are still part of his diet, but he wanted something more to bring with him to work and during times of travel. Over time and with a lot of research and input, he developed mental health bars to provide the perfect mobile snack, almost a daily mental health "thumbs up", on the go.
Every time Chris shared one of his bars, he got an overwhelmingly positive response. Not only did they taste incredible, but they were a fantastic tool for the kit, even for people who weren't struggling, but simply wanted to have a reminder to take care of their mental health. Just like that, an idea was born. It became clear that this product could help a lot of people, and do a lot of good.
Together Bar is founded with a distinct purpose - to form an entity that can raise funds, where a significant portion can go back to organizations tearing apart the stigma associated with mental health, educating adults and children on coping and management, and improving access to quality health care for those who struggle to get the support they need.
So, here we are. We're making nutrition bars with a little more in mind and we're looking for advocates, supporters, customers, advisors, partners, and friends.

Give us a shout, we'd love to hear form you. Let's make the world feel a little less alone, Together.