About Us

alone \ ə-ˈlōn \ adj.  separated from others; isolated     antonym: together

In 2019, our founder, who, at ten years removed from a PTSD diagnosis, was seeing real progress in recovery using The Big Four: Therapy, Mindfulness, Exercise, and Diet. At the time, he was looking for a better-tasting nutrition bar to take with him when he traveled for work - one with specific ingredients that fit into the Mediterranean Diet, a diet often recommended by nutritional psychologists. He couldn't find what he was looking for on store shelves, so, through research and trial end error over several months, he designed his own. And...eventually...they were good; so good that many coworkers and friends said they were the best bars they'd ever had. 

A vocal mental health advocate who often witnessed the power of stigma in preventing people from discussing mental health openly, he had an idea. 

If people liked these bars so much, and so many people enjoy nutrition bars, what if the bars could provide a fresh alternative to the bar they're already eating, while giving them an easy way to support mental health by way of their purchase - and what if the company directed funds to community mental health programs?

The idea took root. And it needed a name. The one word most often used to describe how someone feels when struggling with their mental health is "alone." It was settled then. It had to be called Together Bar, and there needed to be two bars per pack. We'd donate the profit from 1 of the bars on the customers' behalf.

As we raise funds, we commit to being transparent, collaborative, and accountable at every step of the way, and we want you to hold us to that. 

We'd love for your to join us, either by purchasing bars, or by helping start a "give & match" program with your employer.

It's a simple way to tell one another we're all in this together.