The Story Behind Together Bar

Like many people out there, our founder often turned to "healthy" energy bars for fueling workouts and for in-between-meals snacking. When he contracted Lyme Disease, he started to look more carefully at the packaging, searching for whole food bars that could help fight inflammation and support mental health.
Time after time, brand after brand, he ended up eating a dried-out, bland, or borderline unhealthy bar, sweetened with healthy-sounding things like brown rice syrup, monk fruit extract, or agave syrup, or little known sweeteners like allulose.
Why was it so hard to find something healthy, fresh, and delicious?
The answer is because of our food system.
Because of the economics of food production, most bars are produced in gigantic batches in factories, from processed industrial ingredients, and they sit in warehouses, at all kinds of temperatures, until, eventually, they're eaten. 
But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if a bar company walked away from this system, and created their own unique process that ensured the bars were healthy, fresh, and delicious? 
That's exactly what we did.
We use 100% organic ingredients that naturally help fight post-workout inflammation, we don't add any sweeteners of any kind, we self-manufacture in smaller batches, we refrigerate our ingredients and our bars, and we ship our bars almost immediately after they're packaged.....allowing us to enjoy reading emails from our customers about how they've finally found a bar they like.
The only thing better than that is our mission. For every bar sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to programs that help kids, adults, and families recover from trauma and fight mental health stigma. 
The reason we're called Together Bar? It's because our founder understands childhood trauma first-hand. And he knows what it feels like to fight it alone. 
alone \ ə-ˈlōn \ adj.  separated from others; isolated     antonym: together
We'd love for your to join us, either by purchasing bars or convincing your employer to order bars for the office at wholesale prices, and raise funds every time you guys open a pack! 
If you're a retailer, sign up for our wholesale portal and order bars easily with the touch of a button..or two!
It's a simple way to tell one another we're all in this together.