The Story Behind Together Bar

alone \ ə-ˈlōn \ adj.  separated from others; isolated     antonym: together

In 2010, Together Bar's founder was dealing with post-traumatic stress, after decades covering up memories of traumatic events in childhood. Several years of intense therapy were needed - with exercise, mindfulness, and diet changes also being key to his recovery.

Two things struck him:

  1. The help and guidance of a professional therapist was essential, but it wasn't accessible to all. That needed to change.
  2. Being vocal about what he was going through was not well received by society. Mental health stigma was real, and that also needed to change. 

Fast forward several years - he was looking for a nutrition bar or snack to take with him when he traveled for work. Specifically, one with key omega-3s, antioxidants, and minerals - made from whole foods only, not powdered extracts.

He couldn't find what he was looking for on store shelves, so, through research, input from a nutritional psychologist, and trial and error over several months, he designed his own. And...eventually...they were good; so good that many coworkers and friends said they were the best bars they'd ever had. 

He had an idea.

Since people liked these bars so much, what if the bars could be used to help support charities that provide care and mental health resources to those in need - and, if the bars became popular, they'd help normalize the mental health conversation.

So that's where we are. We want to make these popular. Want to help? 

The pandemic happened just as Together Bar was starting, but we're back, and we're even more convinced that our mission is absolutely necessary.

As we raise funds, we commit to being transparent, collaborative, and accountable at every step of the way, and we want you to hold us to that. 

We'd love for your to join us, either by purchasing bars, or by helping start a "Together Bar Campaign" at your place of business.

It's a simple way to tell one another we're all in this together.