Whole-Food Bars for Good

Handmade from the finest organic ingredients. Our mission is to bring people together to support mental health.

Why do our bars taste better?

We designed the bars with function in mind, and that requires premium ingredients (often deemed too expensive for other bars who use less-nutritious filler ingredients to bring down costs).

And...unlike many other date bars, we use our organic dates sparingly for just enough sweetness and to bind the other ingredients. That's why our texture is so unique. We don't want you to just taste dates - we want you to taste the other good stuff!

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"I regularly attend major food trade shows where I've sampled hundreds of bars over the years. These Together Bars taste better than all of them."

S.B., Richmond, VA

"I love how if you don't want to finish it, you can just re-seal it!"

Adam W.'s kids, Indianapolis, IN

"These bars are absolutely ridiculously good"

Ryan C., Midlothian, VA

"I love them so much! You have an amazing product and a great message!"

Julia C., Boston, Mass

"The chocolate ones are like the gooeyest, dankest brownies I've ever had in my life."

David W., Mechanicsville, VA

Handmade in small batches to ensure they're always fresh on top of fresh

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Our mission:

Mental health doesn't discriminate. Unfortunately, access to quality mental health care isn't equal. COVID-19 has only made those inequities more pronounced.

Together Bar directs funds through our bar sales (you choose the recipient) and through partnerships toward programs that are chipping away at mental health stigma, and creating equity in access to education and essential care for all.

Our ingredients

We believe in the role food plays in how you feel. That said, eating these bars aren't going to change your health. They fit into the Mediterranean Diet, a diet rich in omega-3s, antioxidants, and minerals, which is often recommended by nutritional psychologists as a mental-healthy and inflammation-fighting diet. Besides eating well, adding the right pre- and probiotics, finding time for regular exercise and mindfulness, are all part of a lifestyle that promotes a healthy gut and balanced mind.

More About Our Ingredients

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