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Our handmade, organic pumpkin-seed-powered energy bars are changing the game, one workout at a time.
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Why Performance Nutritionists share our bars with their clients:

Pre-workout, post-workout, or anytime clean, vegan snacking

Enjoy the Benefits of Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein

What's the big deal?

Pumpkin seed, with natural antioxidants, healthy omega-3 fatty acids (alpha-Linolenic acids, or ALA), as well as essential vitamins and minerals, is the ideal plant-based protein for fighting post-exercise inflammation and rebuilding your body after a workout.

This 100% organic, cold-pressed pumpkin seed protein, and our other carefully selected organic ingredients, are the keys to our one-of-a-kind bars that work hard to keep you working hard.

Our bars are made from only these 4:

then we add 2 of these per flavor:

And we're making a difference, together

Two bars per pack

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S.B., Richmond, VA

"These bars are absolutely ridiculously good"

Ryan C., Midlothian, VA

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Julia C., Boston, Mass

"The chocolate ones are like the gooeyest, dankest brownies I've ever had in my life."

David W., Mechanicsville, VA

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